Chakra Blu

Sparkling white wine refermented in the bottle, with a thin and continuous perlage. It is done as it once was, following the techniques inherited from family activity. The color is pale straw yellow and veiled, as is normal in sparkling wines made as it once was, after all the lack of disgorgement is its strength, its beauty and its good.

The creaminess of the bubbles makes it even more evident a sapid vein, which gives character to the wine and makes the terroir of belonging feel.


Verdeca, Maruggio, Marchione


The vinification takes place in steel at a controlled temperature. In January, the liqueur de tirage necessary for frothing is added to the base wine. The wines are then bottled and capped with a crown cap.


At the end of fermentation, a process that lasts about fifty days, and at the end of the subsequent frothing, the wines remain sur-lie in the bottle.

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